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Amongst beautiful nature

About Us

Nipehyttene are in the West, or what we call ’Vestlandet’, in one of our 19 counties; Møre og Romsdal.

This county is dominated by its wild and ravishing scenery, with its steep mountains and deep fjords, hence its popularity with visiting tourists from all over the world. The coastal landscape with its many fjords, can offer many a beautiful ferry trip, so make sure you check the ferry schedules in advance when planning trips by car. Apart from the beautiful scenery at Sunnmøre, our part of the county, the nearby small town of Ørsta, is the place of birth of the very famous Ivar Aasen. The linguist, poet and author is called the “father” of nynorsk, one of our two written languages in Norway.


Ørsta, NO
Phone: +47 905 20 133
Email: elias.lianes@nipe-hyttene.no