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Welcome to us!

Would you like to experience the Norwegian wilderness,
go fishing, take boat-trips or paddle a canoe, go swimming,
diving, hunting in the mountains or simply go hiking in the wild
and beautiful scenery known as the Alps of Sunnmøre (Sunnmørsalpane).
All these activities are at your reach as our guest in Nipehyttene.

The four cabins are situated in beautiful surroundings along the fjord
with the steep, fascinating mountain called Liadalsnipa as a backdrop.
You can lean back and relax on the terrace of one of the cabins,
maybe while one of the fish you caught earlier in the day is roasting
on the barbecue. Or maybe you will loosen up your sore muscles in
the big, heated, out-door bathtub.

Our cabins are well suited for families and small groups as well as
individuals, the smallest cabin containing 6 beds, and the largest
containing 10 beds.

As our guest, you will have access to a variety of boats, big and small,
with and without engine (from 8-44 hp engines). Should you prefer
canoeing, we also have a canoe.

In beautiful mountain surroundings, about 2km drive and 45min. walk,
we also own a summer farm. Our guests are welcome to use this little
and sparsely equipped cabin free of charge.



Memorial place Lianeset (Ørsta)

Memorial for Australian aviators who attacked German ships during the war. Aircraft engines to the right belong to the Australian aircraft. (More info click on image)



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