Cabins on Nipehyttene

We have got four high standard cabins with all necessary facilities; Satellite dish, toilet and bath (showers), a fully
equipped kitchen with electric cooker, fridge and freezer, microwave and coffee machine. In the yard, there is a big,
wooden bathtub with heater, as well as barbecues.

(Click on the picture to see more photo of each cabin))

  Cabin nr 1.  

Cabin 1 and 2 were built in 1994 and are about 60m2.
They contain 3 bedrooms, with 6 and 7 beds.

  Cabin nr 2.  
  Cabin nr 3.  

Cabin 3 and 4 were completed in the spring 2005, built in the old, traditional technique called lafting (Norwegian), timber logs fitted together with cogging joints.

One hardly uses this old fashioned building style today. These two cabins are between 120-130m2, and both contain 4 bedroom, cabin 3 with with 9 and cabin 4 with 10 beds.Cabin 3 and 4 also have dishwashing machines.

They have spacious terraces at the entrance area, with a long table and wooden benches. This area is very conducive for get- togethers
for the whole family or travel group after the day’s excursions.

  Cabin nr 4.  



  Mountain Cabin  

In addition to the four Nipe-cabins, our guests also have access to a simple summer farm on a pasture in the near by mountains.


The summer farm lies in breath taking scenery, about 2km driveand a following 45Min. walk from Nipehyttene.The summer farm has got 4 simple beds an outside toilet, a fireplace, gas primus, disposable cups/plates and plastic cutlery.


Water has to be fetched from a nearby stream, and you can fish in the nearby lake.